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SPRING FLOWERS IN IDAHO How does the saying go

How does the saying go.....April showers bring May flowers! In this instance, it was April flowers bring May least in Idaho where they need it! And so, after receiving confirmation app 5:30 p.m. on Saturday from Dave at RotoRooter that my failed septic system would be fixed without me, on the last Sunday morning of May, Scottie, Molly, Robbie and I, along with my freshly cleaned and oiled (only with olive oil) saddle and other gear, headed off for a week at cousin Jan’s So What & Chesany Kennel Ranch in New Plymouth, Idaho, with plans of dog training, ground working my new unbroke horse, riding – yes, on already broke horses -- and just kicking back. We managed all of it despite the rain and thunder storms that rumbled through for the first 4 days, and we had a wonderful time! We were only able to go horseback riding one afternoon though Sad! And the septic system got fixed but not as easily as it sounded. Thank you Marcie for your help as well! Read More...