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What a Weekend at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Show

The ACC Supported Golden Gate Kennel Club shows

January 26 & 27
th welcomed The American Chesapeake Club supported annual benched Golden Gate Kennel Club shows for us. My cousin Jan Holshevnikoff of Chesany Chesapeakes came down from Idaho with two of her Chesapeakes and stayed with us for a few days! And what a terrific time we had!!!

On Thursday, Jan met her half brother and sister-in-law for the first time and we all had a wonderful evening at my place getting acquainted, then Jeff and Lisa spent most of Saturday at the show with us. To quote my friend “What I really enjoyed was watching Jan getting to know her new brother and visa versa. They were both so thrilled it gave me a warm feeling just taking in their joy. Her brother and his wife are very nice people and I'm glad they found each other.” Jan was adopted and only recently had her birth records unsealed so she could find her family!! This as been quite an exciting ride for both of us as I am Jan’s ‘adopted’ cousin on my side of the family and Jan has kept me in the loop!! I actually met Jeff and Lisa in December at a local Christmas Fair and got to report back to Jan.


WELCOME 2013 !! ....or is it welcomed.

WELCOME 2013 !! ....or is it welcomed....guess we’ll have to wait and see what 2013 brings!!

Last year was a pretty good year! I got my puppy Robbie who is turning out to be everything I had hoped for....he’s growing up into a big beautiful boy who at 6 months of age is now 50 pounds. Catherine is working him in the conformation classes along with Molly and we are all going to the ACC supported Golden Gate Kennel Club shows at the Cow Palace on the 26th and 27th of this month. Robbie, Molly and I had a great trip to Idaho to Jan’s So What Ranch and on to the the ACC Field Trial Specialty in Cascade, Idaho with some sightseeing along the way! Beautiful country! Molly earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and her AKC Rally Novice (RN) - no, she is not a Canine Registered Nurse Happy - and Robbie finished his puppy class and earned his AKC Puppy Star designation.

We are continuing with ongoing obedience and conformation classes for Robbie and Molly and will see where that goes this year.

After having to spay Annie aka GrCh. Sandy Oak Wish Upon A Star RN CGC, we placed her with Derrick Dodson and his family. They also have Martha, Molly’s litter sister and had Fire, the grandmother until her untimely loss last year. Derrick also maintains my website! Derrick, a huge thank you Happy)!

Ch. Sandy Oak’s Oh Henry! should be back in the ring this year as a specials and working towards his Grand Championship. He’s had 2 great seasons hunting for Greg in the meantime. I saw him in October and he is gorgeous! He will make his debut at the Golden Gate Kennel Club shows at the end of this month!

Also at Golden Gate will be another one of our Ben daughters out of Chesany’s SandyOak Dare To Dream (“Dedee&rdquoWinking. Della, aka Chesany’s SandyOak Special Delivery is coming with Jan along with her uncle, Dedee’s litter brother, Chesany’s Field Marshall!

And, unfortunately Thanksgiving week found me diagnosed with a nasty case of Shingles that I still have and am trying to learn to live with! If you are over 50 and didn’t get your Shingles vaccination, please do so immediately. I had been planning on going in that week to get the shot and instead was diagnosed with it.

And so to all, best wishes for a very happy new year!

Kathy and the Sandy Oak gang